Gamer, geek, grade-A jerk
Gamer, geek, grade-A jerk
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Brigador Brings the Retrofuturistic Isometric Mecha Action

I don't know much about Brigador, but what I see in this trailer is all I really need to be captivated. Let me count the ways.

  1. Isometric vehicle action hearkening back to the awesome Strike series of the '90s
  2. Customizable mecha and weapons
  3. Destructive environments
  4. Retrofuture aesthetic
  5. Random interstital red light trails
  6. Incredible track by Makeup and Vanity Set

I can't find much wrong with this, can you? You can pre-order Brigador for PC, as well as keep up with developer Stellar Jockeys' progress at their official site.

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