Gamer, geek, grade-A jerk
Gamer, geek, grade-A jerk
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I can't stop listening to this new Jamie XX track

Early last month, James Blake hosted BBC Radio One's residency by 1-800-DINOSAUR, where he played a beautiful track named Bloke by a mysterious fellow named Simon Tallywhacker (which is a UK euphemism for penis - just saying). With no online presence or pretense, beat heads speculated on Simon's true identity. Was he James Blake? Was he.. Not James Blake? Most everyone assumed the former.


James' constant collaborator and fellow Englishman Jamie xx quietly released a single in late April which featured Girl on the A-side. With this release, Jamie killed the speculation of Simon Tallywhacker's identity and claimed ownership of the hype to this new record.

Needless to say, a Jamie xx LP is much overdo and can't arrive any sooner.

The single, Girl/Sleep Sound, is available on Spotify.

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