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"Use these tips to grow your Legend!" reads the subject line of the latest missive from Bungie, creators of the newly released Destiny. Aside from vaguely sounding like a penis enlargement euphemism, their tips are pretty spot on. Too bad that they aren't very helpful.

Increase your Cryptarch Rep


I strongly agree with this. The Cryptarch himself, however, may not. You see, the Cryptarch is a huge dick. A growing legend, if you will.

Here's how it works: you bring the Cryptarch your engrams - unidentified items - which he then identifies into weapons, armor, or miscellaneous swag. Sometimes this ends up being phat loot which you will find incredibly useful! Other times, not. The former is commonplace during your early levels, when an Uncommon items - also known as greens - can still make a world of difference. Once you hit level 20 and above, be prepared for the later. Greens are worthless. Even the next level above greens, Rare items also known as blues, become worthless in your early-to-mid 20s. At this point, you strive for Legendary and Exotic items - purples and yellows respectively - which become near impossible to get from the Cryptarch.

After a certain level of Cryptarch reputation, which you increase by continuing to trade in your engrams in return for eternal disappointment, you're supposed to have a higher chance of decoding Legendary and Exotic items from blue and purple engrams. I haven't been so fortunate. My blues decode to blues, mostly. Sometimes greens. All items that tend to be worse than the blues I already own. In my experience, the rarely found Legendary engrams also decode to wimpy blues. I haven't even seen any yellows. The only item of note I've received from Mr. Growing Legend was an absolutely stunning Legendary helmet, which can be used only by Warlocks. My class is a Hunter. Thank you, my dear Cryptarch, for the Legendary garbage, and for rubbing it in my face.

Increase Your Faction Rep


Again, strong agree here. However, I will heavily lobby against the factions Bungie recommends, at least at first. You can only increase reputation with the three mentioned factions after hitting level 20 and equipping one of the factions class items. After doing so, all Vanguard and Crucible reputation gains, from PvE and PvP content respectively, will be funneled into your chosen faction. Once you reach reputation levels two and three for any faction, you can buy Legendary and Exotic weapons, and more importantly, armor.

Sounds good, right? Right. My problem with Bungie's recommendation, is that you've spent the first 20 levels of your Destiny career gaining Vanguard and Crucible rep. In my case, I'm about a quarter of the way through level one for each. Three quarters worth of reputation until I can get really nice PvE or PvP specific gear! That is, unless I start from scratch and begin gearing toward a secondary faction, like Bungie recommends. No thanks! I'll ride my Vanguard rep to some base raiding gear, then switch to Future War Cult to unlock some new swag.


I understand these tactics are common to stretch the lifespans of games with short story content, but I feel like Destiny is too good for that. Let me be clear, Destiny is an amazing game. A game I see myself playing for months to come, and unworthy of all the negative press it has received thus far. But I don't want to spend months grinding for new gear to help me progress toward my goal. That goal is to spend as much time as possible doing high level PvE content and wiping away all challengers in PvP. To do this, I need Legendary weapons and armor as fast as possible. Unfortunately, my luck is not good enough to get me there as quickly as I want.


If you're of like mind, ignore Bungie's tips. Instead read Kotaku and Reddit.


This rant has been brought to you by the letters I for impatience, and F for frustration.

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